Eagle Island Experience

The 15th Eagle Island Experience Festival is returning to Eagle Island State Park on May 16th and 17th.

Often referred to as one of ‘Idaho’s Best Kept Secrets’,  EIEF embraces the peace and love of the hippie movement while creating an inspired experience in a family friendly setting.

Bring your low back lawn chair, enjoy a cold beverage from our beer garden and spend part of your day at our beautifully situated Main Stage. Visual arts, experiences and belly dancers are always a part of the festival. Nearly 70 arts, crafts, information and select food vendors will be joined by roving artisans, performers and…you! Ask the three to five thousand guests who join us each year, EIEF is as inclusive as you wish.

Letter from our Sage Hippie

As you may have heard by now, this is my retirement year at the Eagle Island Experience, and most likely will be the final year of the festival. We are returning to the roots of our event that began nearly 15 years ago. We always get labeled a “hippie fest” and if you mean peace, love and community with a lot of music and art, then you would be correct. I have been so blessed over the years to be allowed to share with so many of you, our joy of celebration and most of all so many hugs.

We want to send our festival out with a joyous bang and we need our friends to join us! So with that I would like to ask you one last favor. Please share this email, and help get the word out with the event community and all my old friends that have been a part of making the EIEF the great event it has been over the years. Most of all I want to give a special thanks to each of you who have given their time and effort and love to make an old hippie festival a reality.

The dates are May 16th & 17th at Eagle Island State Park and information is available at gruntwerks.net.and on facebook eagle island experience

Thanks to all for a wonderful run. I hope to be able to share one more hug with all.

In peace & joy.

Your head hippie (jim)


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